Ulmus shipping is a name giving to the couple of Andre and Lyra.

Lyra's hintsEdit

  • When Lyra meets Andre she tries hard to become friends with him although he kept pushing her away she kept trying.
  • When Andre and Tommy go to get Shaymin Lyra seemed mostly concerned for Andre's saftey.
  • During the time Kaira was travelling with them Kaira asks Lyra if Andre was her boyfriend she strongly denies then became angry when Kaira said when Andre and her are together she don't want to see Lyra getting mad.
  • At the battle tower when Andre teams up with Platinum Lyra seems to observe their team work saying that "he could've done better" if he and Lyra were teamed up.

Andre's hintsEdit

  • Since Lyra helped Andre understand Pokemon she and is a good friend to him he may have feelings for her beyond friendship.