Andre's Shaymin
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Andre's Shaymin(Land and Sky forme)




Land and Sky forme




Energy ball, Seed flare, Aromatherapy and Synthesis

Shaymin, unlike most Pokémon, is able to change back and forth between two forms, a land and a sky form. Both of which have their own unique appearance and abilities. Shaymin's Land form has a hedgehog-like appearance. Its body/fur is pure white and on its back it has green grass along with pink flowers growing on the sides of its head. It is also relatively small, being only 0'08" in height and 1.0 pounds according to the Pokédex, which means Shaymin's Land Forme is one of the smallest Pokémon.

Shaymin's Sky Form is almost completely different from its Land Form. In this form, Shaymin has a dog-like appearance, and it is also larger. It's legs are much longer and are now a green colour. The green grass-like fur is now confined to its head and fashioned similar to a mohawk. It's ears are now very long, appearing almost like wings. On the back of its neck are two red petals that resemble a scarf.


In the Pokemon:Crimson Shaymin was found in Andre's mom gracidia flower garden in her Sky forme it befriends Andre's mom and she thought that Shaymin would be a nice gift for her son, She discovered that the Shaymin could talk telepathically. Later on Shaymin meets Andre and the two get off to a rocky start and this causes Shaymin to not like Andre however she takes a liking to Lyra, Lyra and Shaymin tries to get Andre to open up to them so they travel with him to Crown city to deliver a package for his mom. Though Shaymin was shown to dislike Andre Shaymin was shown slowly opening up to him like sleeping with him when he goes to sleep, jumping to his aid when he's in trouble.



  • Shaymin hates baths