The following is a list of main and recurring characters that have appeared within the Pokémon crimson series. Since the fiction's inception, only the central protagonist, Andre Boston and his main Pokémon Shaymin.

Original castEdit

Andre-Is a 15 year old boy and one of the main protagonists from the Pokémon crimson series. His current goal is to become friends with Pokemon trainers and Pokemon to get a better understanding of himself and his world.

Lyra-Andre's first traveling friend, who journeys with him throughout the first season. She has made several friends and rivals over the course of her journeys and claims she's a better Pokémon trainer than Andre aside from this, she is his best friend.

Denvor-Is a 17-year old Pokémon Breeder/trainer (and the former champion of Sinnoh until he resigned and Lucas became the new champion) who travels with Andre and Lyra. Denvor has a dream of taking on the Kaidi league and become Kaidi's champion his Pokemon on hand is Zangoose and Metagross, his Sinnoh Pokemon are back in the Sinnoh region only taking Metagross with him.


Kaira-Is a 15 year old Pokemon trainer who travels with Andre, Lyra and Denvor(later on) she travels with them until she gets to the city where the Pokemon decathlon event will take place. Kaira seems to have a crush on Andre and admires him for his bravery. She even asked Lyra is she and Andre are a couple, but Lyra denies it.

Khalil-Andre's first rival. He is studying under the teachings of Cynthia about the mythology of legendary Pokemon and are currently studying the myths of the legendary Pokemon of light and darkness.

Cynthia-The former champion of Sinnoh(after losing to Denvor) is highly impressed with the mythology of legendary Pokemon, after being defeated by Denvor she travels to the Johto region to learn about the myths of the ancient Sinjoh ruins. Afterwards she travels to Kaidi to learn of the myth surrounding the Pokemon that control light and darkness, she meets Khalil who becomes her apprentice on the myths of the legendary Pokemon of Kaidi.

Dawn-The coordinator from Sinnoh, Dawn travels to the Kaidi region with Lucas to participate in the Tower Colosseum, During this she meets Lyra and Andre but lost to Andre in the semi final rounds.

Lucas-The current champion of Sinnoh takes a break with his friend Dawn and goes to the Kaidi region for the Tower Colosseum he beats Andre and becomes the victor.