Pokemon the first movie

Release date

NA 2010

Featured Pokemon

Crysilion, Maiaggrion and Rokku

Pokemon the first movie is a 2010 Pokemon fan fiction and is the first Pokemon crimson movie. The movie will take place episodes 54and 55


Andre, Lyra and Denvor are all fired up for a Pokemon tournament in Shinjuku town. A place where spirited Pokemon and trainers are ready for battle, but not only are Pokemon and trainers ready to battle but three of some of the most powerful Pokemon Kaidi has ever seen are up for a battle as well this battle can not only destroy the town but it's people as well. It's a battle of Ice, Rock and Ground, Can Andre and the others battle and survive the onslaught of Cryisilion, Maiaggron and Rokku or will everything be destroyed?


After days of walking Andre, Lyra and Denvor reach a nice shady spot. Deciding to take the chance to relax, everyone sends out their Pokémon and make the most of the idyllic surroundings. When two trainers(Jake and Natsumi) notice they have Pokemon they approch them and asks if the trio have ever heard of the upcoming master tournament that will be held in Shinjuku when the three explain they never heard of the town Jake and Natsumi challenge them to a battle Taking on Jake and Natsumi's Pachirisu and Quilava, Andre and Lyra use Shaymin and Marill. Although the battle is hard fought, the teamwork between trainers and Pokémon Andre and Lyra win. Later, Jake and Natsumi recommend that they go participate in the tournament where they will battle for real.


  • Shinjuku is set in an area based on Barcelona.
  • The tower of serinity will be based on Sagrada familia an unfinished church located in Spain.