Pokemon crimson crisis
Pokemon crismon crisis legendary
The Pokemon crimson crisis logo and mascot

Release date

NA: 2010

JP: 2010




NA: Comedy, Adventure and Action

JP: Adventure, Action, Comedy and echi

Pokémon: Crimson crisis (ポケットモンスタークリムゾンの危機), Poketto Monsutā Kurimuzon no kiki) is the upcoming second season of the Pokémon crimson series.


The setting of Pokemon Crimson crisis will take place in the Isshu region.


The new season will cover the Black and White adventures of the main protagonist Andre in the new region Isshu. Lyra has left the series, and Andre will now travel with a new companion White.

Revealed informationEdit

  • Andre's new traveling companion will be White.
  • Andre and Khalil will recieve a Mijumaru and Tsutarja.
  • The second movie will be featured in Pokemon crimson crisis.
  • The second Pokemon movie's theme song will be Ice syndrome.
  • Andre and White will recieve a C Gear from Professor Makomo
  • The Pokemon crimson crisis series will begin closer to the Japanese-language release of Pokémon Black and White.
  • Similar to Pokemon Black and White Pokemon Crimson Crisis will feature real wheather.

Controversy and CensorshipEdit

Pokemon Crimson Crisis is perhaps the most controversial Pokémon fan fiction ever, due almost entirely to the fact that both English and Japanese verison had a lot of sexual content, however this isn't a problem for the Japanese version since the fans are used to sexual situations in the atcual Pokemon manga, the actions that appear in the Japanese version have been taken out of the english verison.


  • So far Pokemon Crimson Crisis will most likely be based on the anime than the manga due to the number of anime characters that appears Ash, Dawn, Iris, Johanna and possibly Brock.
  • Pokemon Crimson Crisis may appear to an older audience rather than a younger audience, the reason for this is because the story is said to be deeper than the first with the addition of the story having a more romanticle touch i.e Andre and White's relationship.