Lyra is a girl from the Johto region who joined Ash and the gang on their journey. She first appeared in the episode 'An Egg Scramble.' She calls Dawn "Dane". She is Kotone's anime counterpart. She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz and Eileen Stevens. Her Pokemon are Chikorita, Girafarig, and Marill. She has 2 Johto badges, the Hive Badge and the Zephyr Badge.

Journey into the heart and soulEdit

In Pokemon:Crimson, four years after the events of Heartgold and Soulsilver(game) Lyra moves to the region of Kaidi a region located Northeast of the kanto/Johto landmass. She along with her Chikorita move in a small town, Ulmus town. Suggested by her mom she goes to meet her neighbors and while doing so she meets her neighbor Andre who found Pokemon stupid and annoying. It is obvious to see that Andre is an anti-social teenage boy who claims he does not "get" anything about Pokemon, and rarely interacts with them. Lyra meets his mom and she describes Andre to Lyra as "a boy who prefers to be left alone, yet feeling lonely and wanting to interact with others" from there Lyra wanted to help Andre anyway possible. As they travel to Crown city Andre, Lyra and Shaymin are attacked by a mysterious crook, who is affiliated with a villainous group known as team Gamma who's goal are unknown. The crook was shown carrying around a snag machine which he used to snag Shaymin, Lyra confronts Andre due to him acting coldly to Shaymin's adduction but he later admits that he really does care for Shaymin and he goes with Tommy to capture the crook with Lyra staying behind to take Chikorita to a Pokemon center for being hurt from battle against a Salamence. Later Andre recovers Shaymin and before the three head back to Ulmus town Andre and Lyra spent some time with some of the Pokemon in the local area. Lyra and Andre returned back home where Andre begins to plan his adventure with Shaymin, Lyra asks to join him and he agrees happily.