Kaidi region map


Southeast of Kanto/Johto's landmass


Kaidi contains Pokemon from Sinnoh, Hoenn and Johto however it contains it's own legends


Mainly cold

Kaidi is based on the geography of Kyushu.


In Pokemon:Crimson Kaidi is a region located southeast of the Kanto and Johto landmass. Kaidi is a large region that is the setting of Pokemon:Crimson. The region contains a large amount of towns and cities, but only a few sea routes. It is a varied region containing a mountain range and secret waterways, each housing a Legendary Pokémon(Kaidi's legends). Kaidi is the second region to feature snowy regions(the first being Sinnoh). The region blends urban cities with more traditional towns together. One of Kaidi's main attractions is it's beautiful mountain, mount Sunō which is based off the mount fuji located in Japan.