Ice Syndrome (Japanese: アイスクリーム シンドローム Ice Cream Syndrome) is the ending theme song for the Pokémon crimson crisis movie. It is written, composed, and performed by Sukima Switch.



Our relationship is a casual one To the point that we can talk about anything We've been together a long time But nothing's changed, has it? Even the mood that gets set up with such pains Gets poked fun at and is brought to an end I can't speak my mind I can't add parentheses

The sun shines scorchingly My T-shirt is drenched in sweat It's like I'm all damp I'll never get dry I ran into a convenience store to escape And bought a nostalgic comic book How would it be if you were here? Would you laugh with me?

We've been acting it out for so many years Casted as best friends The distant feeling is okay But it would be tough if I could say my true intents You say it's easy to discuss But you're always talking about your love life I keep it inside my delicate heart to not be found out

I want the smile reflected deep in my eyes To only belong to me; For whatever reason, it won't be burned in there If I softly peek into the finder It seems like you're even Further and further away than I imagined Someday you'll disappear with someone If I look up, there's a jet plane Tearing the blue sky in half The summer is flying away to the distant sky The seasons are already passing by

We stand awkwardly Amidst the haze of heat Even in this blurred world Only you remain without distortion The syndrome called "friendship" Is a perpetual labyrinth without exit It's frightening even to move So I can't take a step forward

The ice cream that I had meant to eat Has melted all over Destiny doesn't wait Though I want to encounter it right now Maybe I'll try calling it out With an unusually serious voice If I had taken it away like that I might already be able to vigorously convey The feelings I hold

If I peek into that finder I hope that you look close enough That I could reach my hands to you If happiness increases, it's not a big deal When I'm with you, no matter when, You always seem to sparkle.