ChoosenShipping (Japanese: ブルシル BuruShiru, or シルブル ShiruBuru), one of the more popular Ships from Pokémon Adventures, is the belief in romantic love between Silver and Green. The name stems from the fact that they were the only two of the masked children to defy the Masked Man. They do, however, have a canonical relationship not unlike siblings; some fans believe this strengthens the 'ship, or believe it doesn't exist as anything but romantic in nature.


Gold, Silver & Crystal chapterEdit

When Gold touched Green's butt, he was punched by none other than Silver and resulted in both of them fighting. After that, when Blue threw one of his usual 'Pesky/Obnoxious/Annoying Girl' comments, this caused Silver to be ticked off again and casting death glares at Blue.

When Green encountered Will and Karen in the Ilex Forest and battled them, Green says she was glad that she didn't bring Silver along with her and that she sent him to a safe place. Much to her surprise, Will shows her an injured Silver (against a tree at first, then he falls down) and Green rushes to Silver's side. Silver tells her how he managed to find her and Green hugs him, crying. Silver then admits he followed her because he wanted to battle alongside her and protect her (after this, he faints).

Green and Silver grew close when they were raised as partners in the masked children; they seem to be much closer to each other than the pairs of Chermaine-Keane and Will-Karen do. Some slight evidence for this pairing exists in a bonus chapter entitled Escape!!, which showed the duo's escape from their captor. Early on, Green removes Silver's mask and touches his face, causing him to blush.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapterEdit

It's shown that Silver bought or made Green's outfit for the story arc, and when Green thinks of this, she too blushes.