Bondingshipping is the belief that Andre and Zorua are involved in a romantic relationship. The name comes from Andre and Zorua and their bond that they slowly develop. Many fans believe the two are involed more deep than trainer and Pokemon.


Zorua's hintsEdit

  • From the first time Zorua met Andre she was shown not being interested in being with Andre and always brushes him off, this could be showing that Zorua plays hard to get.
  • When Andre tries to walk with Zorua on the bridge Zorua falls when the bridge collaspes and when Andre jumps to rescue her she's in shock and holds tightly onto him.
  • When the wild family of Beedrill attacked Andre and Zorua (for eating their berries)Andre tells Zorua to run away and get to a safe location however Zorua refuses and chooses to stay with Andre knowing she waesn't a match for the angry horde of Beedrill.
  • When Denvor, Lyra, Shaymin and Pikachu came to Andre and Zorua's rescue Andre weakly pulls himself and Zorua to the local P.C. when traveling to the P.C Zorua licks Andre's cheek(this usually symbolizes animal kissing).

Andre's evidenceEdit

  • When Zorua first hatches from her egg Andre seemed very eager in meeting his new Pokemon.
  • Andre nearly killed himself twice in order to protect Zorua meaning he deeply cares for Zorua's safety.